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High Speed ADSL2+
Ethernet over Copper
Business Wireless P2P
Teleus provides a range of Internet services from 2Mbps to 1Gbps suitable for any business size, from small-medium to enterprise.Our high availability Internet services can be quickly scaled up or down to suit your changing business needs. Teleus Internet ensures fast, effective Internet access every time, with flexible plans and competitive pricing.


From small business to enterprise
  • Get the right type of access for your business
  • Fixed monthly fees
  • Plans to suit your budget and requirements
  • Metered Internet available
  • Easily scale up as your business grows
  • Optional add-on services: Email Filtering, Mail hosting, DNS hosting, Web hosting
  • Enhanced network performance and lower costs
  • Peering with WAIX, Pipe, Equinix, Google, and Akamai
Internet Details
Monthly $55.95
Connection Charge Nil
Internet Data Unlimited
Speed ADSL+2 up to (20mbps/1mbps)
Direct Debit $5 discount on bundle price if DD applies
Minimum Contract Term 12 months / 24 months
Minimum Contract Fee $671.40 / $1,342.80

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Bundle Details
Monthly $45.95
Connection Charge Nil
Internet Data Unlimited
Speed ADSL+2 up to (20mbps/1mbps)
Minimum Contract Term 12 months / 24 months
Minimum Contract Fee $551.40 / $1,102.80

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All Prices quoted includes GST. 2. This offer is only available to approved customers (Credit and Service ability check). 3. The entire offer is subject to our company policies (Standard form of agreement, ADSL T&C, Filters acceptable use policy). 4. Minimum contract term is 12/24 months 7.The total minimum cost for the ADSL2+ plan taken on a 24-month contract (without any discounts) will be $1198.80. 5. Actual speeds may vary as many factors affect speed such as Internet traffic, i.e. hardware and software, the source of individual download and location. 6. Account linked to the Direct Debit is confirmed once approved by bank. 7. If contract is cancelled or terminated within contract term (i.e. out of cooling-off the 10 day cooling off period and within the 24 months) an early termination fee (ETF) is charged equal to $15.00 for every month remaining on the contract, payment is to be made within 14 days from the final invoice date. 8. Payment via American Express incurs a 3.5% surcharge and payment via Diners Club incurs a 2.9% surcharge on the final invoice amount payable. 9. Late payment fees apply as per the terms and condition including general fees for paper invoices. 10.This offer may result in losing existing current providers supplied email address and all emails associated with the other email address (e.g. 11. Pricing effective from 8 April 2013 and is subject to change at any time. 12. Please call our Customer Care team on 1300 797 212 or email: for more information.
Teleus fully managed national Ethernet network delivers high speed network connectivity allowing you to easily link multiple office locations. We offer end-to-end Ethernet services over a carrier grade Access Network. At speeds of up to 10Mbps you can seamlessly link enterprise networks, bringing even the most remote locations into a single network.Teleus end-to-end Ethernet services allow you to seamlessly link enterprise networks. Whether it’s a connection to a data centre, cloud services or multiple offices within your company, Teleus offers a high availability network, Australia wide.


Scalable bandwidth
  • Scale your bandwidth up or down
  • 2Mbps to 10Gbps available
Simple integration
  • Amcom Ethernet is based on a standard layer 2 protocol
  • Simple integration with your local area networks (LANs)
  • Easily combined with Amcom VPN Link solution
  • Managed Router option available
Flexible connectivity options
  • Point-to-Point (e-lan)
  • Point-to-Multipoint and multipoint (e-tree) Ethernet connectivity
  • Ability to apply different speeds to different sites as required



The Teleus Fixed Wireless Ethernet network is available to businesses within Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Newcastle and Adelaide - with additional regions coming on board in the future.


You can engage the wireless services to achieve the following environments:


Private Data Links for a Wide Area Network (WAN)
Seamlessly extend your local area network into a wide area network (WAN) across Australia for multi-site businesses including retailers and national organisations, establish clearer connections and reduced telco bills for voice or video communications, mirror data for brilliant business continuity and more.


Direct High Speed Internet
Connect to the world with business-grade, high-availability, high-speed Internet access with symmetrical upload and download speeds. This is a key benefit of the Teleus Fixed Wireless Ethernet network.


The network uses both class-licensed and apparatus-licensed radio spectrum with the latest encryption and security features to provide the highest level of security and reliability that is commercially available. Our customer organisations are connected to the world by placing a Teleus radio transceiver on their building. This transceiver is connected to the Teleus Fixed Wireless Ethernet network via a high speed wireless connection beaming across the city.


The transceiver connects to the customer's network via a standard CAT5 cable and is presented as Ethernet for connection to any computer, firewall, router or other Ethernet device. Client users on that network simply plug in as per normal, and enjoy fast symmetrical connectivity without the lag of contention associated with DSL, or the cost of fibre.

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