Mass Service Disruptions

What is a mass service disruption?

A mass service disruption (MSD) is where mass outages have occurred due to extreme weather conditions or other factors beyond our control. In these situations, mass outages of services may occur and we may not be able to meet timeframes for connecting a service or repairing a fault on your line.

What are considered extreme weather conditions?

Where a provider is claiming an exemption from a performance standard as a result of extreme weather conditions in an area, it must include evidence in writing that these conditions meet one or more of the criteria of extreme weather conditions specified in Schedule 3 of the CSG Standard. These include:

  • large hail
  • heavy rainfall
  • flash floods
  • hazardous winds
  • lightning
  • blizzards
  • tornados
  • unusually large surf waves
  • storm tides
  • cyclones

More detailed definitions of these extreme weather conditions are included in Schedule 3 of the CSG Standard; however, they broadly align with conditions where the Bureau of Meteorology will issue a severe weather warning.

Public Notices

Start Date End Date Location Disruption Details
Wednesday 12 June 2019 Monday 01 July 2019 Adelaide and over part of the surrounding Mount Lofty Ranges of SA Severe Storms
Start Date End Date Location Disruption Details
Sunday 07 October 2018 Monday 08 October 2018 Parts of Wide Bay and Burnett, and Southeast Coast Districts of Queensland Severe Weather Condition