Fair Use Policy

Teleus Pty Ltd

The Teleus fair Usage Policy is to ensure all eligible Teleus Customers are able to obtain complete benefits from our Products & Services. For this reason we have put this Policy which applies to usage that is excessive or unreasonable of our Landline Products & Services in place for the following products:

Teleus Landline Product Names

BUSINESS PSTN: Teleus ADSL Product Names:

Any other Promotions or Plans being advertised which are subject to the Teleus Landline Fair Usage Policy. Teleus reserves the right to adjust the terms & excessive usage limits of this Policy from time to time as it may deem fit.

Unreasonable Usage:Teleus considers unreasonable usage as the use of any product or service offered by Teleus to be fraudulent, or if the service is used for unauthorised, criminal or unlawful activities, or adversely affects other Teleus Customers' use of Teleus Products & Services. Unreasonable Usage also refers to seeking out newer ways or devising methods that are not a part of your normal business activity or any of our services being connected or associated with a device which alters its normal use. Teleus also considers Unreasonable Usage to the use of Untimed & Unlimited Calls for non - personal, commercial purposes. Teleus considers Commercial Purposes to be: Calls made for a business operated at home, running a Telemarketing Business or Call Centre, SIM Boxing, reselling the services or other similar business activities.

Breach of this Policy: In connection to the Unreasonable or Excessive Usage of all affected products, Teleus may contact you in relation to your use, and if the Unreasonable or Excessive Use continues, may:

  • Suspend or Limit the Service (or a certain feature of it) for a reasonable timeframe;
  • and/or Teleus may start charging you at standard rates of a similar service for your usage and may then ask you to reduce your usage;
  • Teleus may also deny access to our discounted or special capped plan rates;
  • Terminate the Agreement with the concerned person or company.